Save energy at home with a rooftop garden.

One of the most incredible ways of saving energy at home is having a rooftop garden. For a number of reasons a rooftop garden will actually reduce the overall amount of energy does consumed in your home. it’s amazing to think that something so beautiful could actually carry far more practical value than just a food source or something great to look at. We’re going to go through how to construct a roof top garden and get the most out of it for energy efficiency.

What is the rooftop garden?

A rooftop garden is quite simply a garden on top of a roof. It could typically work better on a flat roof than one with a pitch but that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t get by with a pitch as well.

A rooftop garden doesn’t just have to be greenery, I can also be plants uneven vegetables to. You might as well take advantage of the fact of making such a large surface area of garden and gain some edible food too.

Some of the major benefits of rooftop gardens.

Obviously there’s a monetary benefit to having a rooftop garden but apart from that there are some really useful little advantages that you probably would never have considered. One of the most interesting things that happen when you have a rooftop gardens you actually reduce the overall noise in your bedroom. Assuming a bedroom is directly underneath the garden that is. This is because basically you create a far thicker layer of insulation and it acts to really help in terms of keeping the noise out. This is particularly useful for example if you’re over a flight path. The reduction in noise can be quite significant indeed.

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Pretty obviously another benefit is the fact that you can enjoy the garden as well. If your inner city areas you don’t really have much in the way of a normal garden then a rooftop garden might be the solution. Obviously need a very sensible and safe way to get out there and I highly suggest that you don’t create a rooftop garden in a situation whereby it would be dangerous to be high or there is a risk of falling.

Another major benefit of a rooftop environment and the whole reason why it saves energy is because of the insulation. Having the extra layer means that you don’t lose heat through the roof quite so easily. It’s almost like having a secondary loft insulation. You would be shocked to realise just how high quality an insulator and grass would be.

What are the main construction materials for a rooftop garden?

Pretty obviously you need some kind of waterproof membrane that’s extremely thick and durable to ensure that none of the moisture from the mud begins to leak into the roof. You could cause all kinds of unbelievable damage in terms of cost if you weren’t really careful about how you secured the plastic membrane lining prior to laying the rooftop bar

You’re definitely need some kind of root protection barrier as well, this is because rude to obviously far stronger and possibly could break through the plastic membrane, this will obviously cause leaks and again potentially massive damage to your property. Always ensure that if you’re considering a rooftop garden to save energy that you’ve taking the proper precautions.

An essential part of a rooftop garden is the equipment. You’ll need to hand saws, saws, hammers, chisels, and obviously a lot of garden equipment such as forks and spades. Personality I’d head over to Garden Toolbox who carry almost every single tool you need to build a green roof. Help practically have everything including materials to get the job done.

You going to go for a rooftop garden to save energy then I highly suggest that you plan it well. You need to make sure that the membrane goes down and is fully secured, don’t cut any corners and ensure that your property is damaged in any way at all. This would be highly detrimental to the overall effort of saving energy in the home through a garden rooftop. You could actually do more harm than good to please do make sure that you get everything spot on first time. The worst thing would be trying to lift some mud off the roof to make a repair. before undertaking any kind of rooftop garden please ensure that your roof is fully capable of supporting the additional weight. I would highly recommend speaking to a structural engineer prior to carrying out this kind of serious energy saving project.