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Energy Saving Homes

Energy saving homes means that they are generally more cost efficient financially and also more energy efficient. This is done by carrying out certain tasks that have been recommended. Some of these methods are easy and not time consuming ways to be environmentally friendly.

What are the cheaper ways to have an energy saving home?

You could have the energy saving light bulbs throughout your home. They seem expensive but in the long term they are brighter and save you a lot of money. Other simple ways that you can have an energy saving home is to switch off the lights after you have finished using them, switch off appliances when you have finished with them (not just on stand-by but at the main switch) and use less water than you need to by only filling up the kettle with what you need rather than fully and try to take showers rather than baths because this uses less water.

What are the more expensive ways that you can have an energy saving home?

The more expensive ways of having an energy saving home, are more expensive but in the long term they can save you money. You can buy energy saving appliances with the logo on and these are refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and if necessary tumble driers. These will use less electricity in your home, therefore making your bills less and being more environmentally friendly. You could also have solar panels installed in your roof. This is expensive initially but it means that you are not paying electricity bills to energise your home. You can also invest in more insulation in your home and double glazing because this will reduce the gas bill because your home would not need so much heating and this is more environmentally friendly because there is not so much gas being burnt to heat your home.

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